Social Media studies

Search engines for recent audience studies:

Pew Internet publishes reports regarding internet use among various demographics. Scarborough issues press releases with useful data and sometimes publishes free studies. Also look for free studies by Arbitron. You may be surprised what you can find just by doing a search in Google.

EU youth prefer video games to social networking

08-Dec-09, 10:08

LONDON – Teenagers are still spending more time watching television than they do online, and only 40% of them regularly use social networks, research suggests.

A report published by Forrester looking at the media habits of 12- to 17-year-olds in the European Union found that teenagers said they spent an average of 10.3 hours a week watching television, compared with 9.1 hours surfing the internet for personal reasons.

Both activities, however, trailed behind videogaming, with kids in the EU playing around 11.7 hours a week playing games on consoles and via computer. Forrester notes in the report that gaming is seen as a social activity, with teens far more likely to play computer games at friends’ houses than adults.

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